Primordial Anatomy

Primordial Anatomy

In the Primordial Anatomy series, Emilie brings in the context below:

Continuum is dedicated to increasing the scope of the human organism in order to access the life supporting opportunities that lie within our ancient past.

The primordial anatomy represents pre-vertebral (before the spine) life allowing for flows of nourishment to course through our tissue expressing its primordial choreography.

There are several remarkable things in this spectrum of movement.

1. The diversity in gravity allows us a much richer movement landscape than we usually realize, we are returning to the sea while on land.

2. The constraints we usually see in spinal movement do not exist at this developmental phase. In a sense we are engaging in activity that can be interpreted as pre-nervous system.

3. The catalyst I have been exploring in order to enter this fluid world is the tongue. The tongue can be experienced as protozoan in its movement and is able to shift the entire system into this potent undulating world.

The tongue and lips are primary stimulators of more neural capability than any other part of our bodies. This spectrum of movement interfaces with the first phase of the embryo where the spine, skin, brain and eyes are all one tissue. The early phase of the embryo has an abundance of astrocytes, calcium waves and mitochondria to facilitate the formative process of the unfolding human. My hunch is the primordial anatomy creates a similar enrichment within our bodies mediating the aging process and other degradations that we may fall prey to.

The Series consists of the all the Class 1 & 2, Tutorial & Overview video files.

Introduction to Continuum Movement. Also on YouTube
Virtual Intensive Overview. Also on YouTube
Baseline & Open Attention Review
Puffed O & Baseline Tutorial

CLASS 1 Class 1 is the set of the video files below:
Part 1 & Part 2
~ Emilie lays out the sequence in detail with related discussion.
~ A rewind of the sequence. Excerpts from Class.
~ 2 Conference Calls

CLASS 2 is the set of the video audio files below:
Tutorial 1
~ Includes additional instruction on Open Attention, Baseline, Tongue Retract/Protract, Micro-cosmic orbit and sequence.
Tutorial 2
~ Includes instruction on Blurs.
~ A review of the sequence.
~ 2 Conference Calls

Your Instructor

Emilie Conrad
Emilie Conrad

Emilie Conrad, the founder of Continuum Movement, lived in Los Angeles, California. She is a visionary whose work is incorporated by an International audience of professionals from fields such as Rolfing, Zero Balancing, Hellerwork, CranioSacral, Osteopathy, Physical Therapy, Dance, Psychoneuroimmunology, and Physical Fitness.

Her love for movement inspired her to discover the essential, primary movements common to all life forms that lie beneath cultural influence. These fundamental movements are a “cosmology” of life, where form is fluidly mutable, dissolving and shaping itself anew.

Fluid, primary movement is essential in our ability to innovate. Enhancing these fundamental movements has a potential to create a rich intrinsic environment that brings forth new insights in our understanding of the human body and its potential to create alternate systems.

Emilie’s capacity for innovation is an inspiration to the field of Somatics, movement education, and physical fitness. She has created a dynamic workout that strengthens by incorporating multiple angles in gravity to facilitate developing diverse muscular and skeletal relationships.

One of Emilie’s contributions is her revolutionary concept of “The Three Anatomies”. Here she defines three distinct tissue structures as the cultural, primordial, and cosmic anatomies. Emilie tells us: “becoming aware of the primordial-cosmic flows of information can be instrumental in diffusing our cultural inhibitors, helping us to move beyond our stifling adaptive patterns, ultimately becoming a resource for health and creativity.”

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